England’s Most Surprising Goal Scorers

First published 10/09/2015

Wayne Rooney has now scored more goals for England than any one else. His 50 international goals eclipse the efforts of greats such as: Bobby Charlton, Gary Lineker, Michael Owen and Jimmy Greaves. But which players have managed to score a goal for England despite less than impressive careers? No players who could still get an England cap are on the list e.g Steven Caulker.

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Would Yugoslavia win the 2014 World Cup?

First published 09/04/2014

Heading in to the World Cup several football fans become experts on all things Eastern European. Often, wild claims are made like Yugoslavia would win it if it still existed. Obviously, this ignores all the obvious dressing room tensions that would occur due to many years of conflict and reduces it down to just talent. And they have a lot of that.

In terms of football teams, Yugoslavia split into Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro – Kosovo are looking to establish themselves. I have pooled together the players from all these teams and created a first 11 for Yugoslavia at the 2014 World Cup. 5 Croatians, 4 Serbians, 1 Bosnian and 1 Slovenian make the side. Obviously I’ve already messed up as Serbia aren’t even at the World Cup and Bosnia and Herzegovnia are but I will plough on regardless.

This is just the team I would pick if I was in charge. Would it win the World Cup? Probably not but it’d be very good to watch. You can judge for yourselves:

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Wimbledon 2012 Preview: Are We Set To Be Bored By Greatness?

First published  22/06/2012

On Monday the third grand slam event of the year begins, attempting to step out of the shadow of Euro2012. And, in many ways this Wimbledon will be much the same as previous years. The BBC has released flashy adverts that still look nothing like tennis; the commentators are sure to say some inane facts about how many strawberries will be eaten; and Tim Henman’s presence on TV will reassure people that everything is right with the world. The same as always. But will the duopoly of Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal continue?

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Do Sheep Win Rugby Matches?

First published 23/04/2012

What do the winners of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, New Zealand, and the winners of the 2012 Six Nations, Wales, have in common? That they have managed to perform on the world stage in spite of being small nations, sure. That they have talented and determined sides that deserved to win, definitely. But mostly, they are both famous for producing lamb and having huge stocks of sheep.

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Tiger Woods winning again restores balance to my life

First published 26/03/2012

People often talk about how the underdog winning is what is great about sport. That someone, or some team, can win when you would believe it impossible is one of the main attractions for the sports fan. I do not see it this way. I still remember the domination of Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Michael Schumacher in the early part of this century and I long for the status quo to be restored – well maybe not Schumacher, there was always something unlikeable about him. Woods winning, for the first time in 30 months, though brought me great comfort indeed.

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