Football Player Maps Quiz

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The Stats Behind Derby’s Dismal Season

It has been ten years since Kenny Miller’s goal guided Derby County to their only win of the worst campaign in Premier League history. Here are the statistics from that humiliating season.

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Why Joe Hart is the new Rob Green

Joe Hart’s terrible form has opened up valid questions about whether he really is the best English goalkeeper. England had similar problems heading into the World Cup in 2010 and must be careful not to repeat the same mistakes.

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Musical Premier League Players

The number or musicians in English football has sadly been dwindling for some time. The glory days of footballers with music careers was before the Premier League with: Kevin Keegan (Head Over Heels In Love) [1] Glen Hoddle and Chris Waddle (Diamond Lights) [2] and Paul Gascoigne (Fog on the Tyne) [3]. But, can Stoke City’s new signing Jesé have the first hit single since Andy Cole (Outstanding) [4] in 1999? Here are a few Premier League stars who are also musicians:

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The A-Z of British Sport

Click the link to play the quiz ‘The A-Z of British Sport’. See if you can get them all right.



How to Make the International Breaks Better

Make qualifying more of an event by having two long international breaks a year instead of five short ones.

It happens every time. A collective sigh is let out around the country as the last fixture of the weekend ends. The international break is here and not very many people are happy about it. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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The Five Strangest Cricket Injuries

First Published 15/03/2014

With Ben Stokes being ruled out of the World Twenty20 after fracturing his hand striking a locker, we look at some of the stranger injuries to happen to cricketers.

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