The Five Strangest Cricket Injuries

First Published 15/03/2014

With Ben Stokes being ruled out of the World Twenty20 after fracturing his hand striking a locker, we look at some of the stranger injuries to happen to cricketers.

Mark Boucher 

South African wicketkeeper Boucher is a true legend of international cricket, with 147 tests played, which makes the end to his career particularly sad. He was playing against Somerset in a tour match when Imran Tahir bowled Gemaal Hussain causing the bail to jump up and strike Boucher in the eye. He had to have two operations on his eye to recover his sight but he never played international cricket again. Since retirement Boucher has taken up coaching and is currently Head Coach of the Titans franchise in South Africa.

Shoaib AkhtarRawalpindi_Express

Pakistan won the World Twenty20 that was held in England in 2009 – but they did so without “the worlds fastest bowler” Shoaib Akhtar. He was ruled out with a viral genital warts infection for which he was receiving treatment. Shoaib has since denied the claim and threatened to sue the Pakistani Cricket Board for allegedly releasing false statements with the intention of damaging his reputation. The PCB and Shoaib have a turbulent relationship with the former suing the Rawalpindi Express in 2008 after a series of disciplinary issues.

chris oldChris Old

Old was an accomplished fast-medium bowler and many people say he would have added to his 46 tests for England if not for his persistent injuries, but his most bizarre was caused by a bodily function. He had to pull out of a test match when he sneezed so violently that he managed to crack a rib. Since cricket, Old opened up a fish restaurant with his wife Letitia but after they were hit hard by the recession it closed and he started working for Sainsburys.

Matthew HaydenMatthew_Hayden_Fielding

The Australian opening batsmen went for a jog trying to keep up his fitness while he recovered from his broken finger in 2006. Unfortunately his woes were set to continue. A local dog took a dislike to the batsman and attacked him leaving a a 5cm gash on his ankle. Hayden really shouldn’t leave the house. In 2000, He and team mate Andrew Symonds were forced to swim a kilometre to safety after their boat capsized off the coast of Queensland.

chris lewisChris Lewis

Perhaps the most infamous injury on this list is the man dubbed by one tabloid “The Prat without a Hat”. Lewis was concerned by the Caribbean temperatures so he asked Devon Malcolm to shave his hair off for him before the first match of the West Indies tour. The England all-rounder failed to wear protection on his newly bald head and suffered from sunstroke which ruled him out of the next game. Lewis became infamous again in 2009 when he was convicted of smuggling cocaine. He was released in 2015 and now he educates young county cricketers on how to prepare for retirement.


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